7 Sins of Innovation

Ryan Jacoby, head of IDEO NY is quoted in an article found here on 7 deadly sins he sees that affect innovation.

They are summarized as:

1: Thinking the answer is in here, rather than out there.

2: Talking about it rather than building it.

3: Executing when we should be exploring.

4: Being smart, afraid to be wrong.

5: Being impatient for the wrong things.

6: Confusing cross-functionality with diverse viewpoints.

7: Believing process will save you.

This list is definitely very pertinent to the creative design thinking process, it promotes prototyping, and building as well as risk and taking, without fear of failure. It also raises the issues with unrealistic expectations from management on innovative new products and encourages diversity in teams that are there to innovate. I like this list and it touches nicely on the major aspects of good design thinking methodologies and implementations.